ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

In these days, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is so famous in China, especially among celebrities and IT workers.

We all know it is launched by Bill Gates in United States.

Not to be left out, Chinese celebrities are following in the footsteps of Bill Gates, Justin Bieber, and Jon Bon Jovi, and taking part in the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.

The concept is simple; A person is publicly challenged to pour a bucket of ice and water over their own head, film the reaction and then post it online to challenge others. They must respond within 24 hours or donate 100 USD to the ALS association.

It may seem like a lot of stingy people trying to get out of donating to charity, but the rate of donations has over tripled since the trend began and attracting some of the most famous names on the planet.

Now some of the biggest Chinese stars are getting in on the action, including Zhang Ziyi, Wang Lee-Hom, Jay Chou and Andy Lau with plenty more to follow; ex NBA star/ enormous giant Yao Ming is due to take the challenge today.

                                                                          Zhang Ziyi

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