Cheers to beers in Qingdao for festival

As we all know, Qingdao is famous for beers, every year, Qingdao will launch Qingdao International Beer Festival on Aug, 15th, it will last 16 days.

Millions of visitors, residents, models, dancers and pop stars started a two-week party of beer drinking, gourmet food and live music for the 24th Qingdao International Beer Festival last Saturday.

Glass clinking and music filled the air and shouts of "beer, beer, more beer", "cheers" and "ganbei" in several languages echoed across the 20,000 square meter Beer City.

Drinkers can enjoy more than 300 varieties of beer from 34 brands from more than 10 countries at the festival, including Tsingtao, Budweiser, Carlsberg, Corona, Tiger, Krombacher and Hofbru Mnchen.

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